It has been a while (that happens if you don’t maintain a blog), but it is still worth mentioning. In the Netherlands there is one very direct way for a commissioner to show his appreciation for the building an architect has made for him: to provide the building with an ‘Architectuur-plaquette’ (architectural plaque). This ‘award’ seems to be not that relevant, because there is no jury involved, but at a closer look it is, because it celebrates one of the essential conditions of good architecture: the click between a client and an architect.

At the Provada 2016 Jaap Uithof, director of “Onderhoud & Projecten (Maintenance & Projects) at the Staedion housing corporation, handed us the architectural plaque, and before this he publicly advocated the immense importance of high-quality architecture in social housing, a stand that only a few commissioners still dare to take: our deep respect.

More information about the project: Portfolio Zuigerstraat

Naamloos 20161018_zuigerstraatplaquette01_800px 20161018_zuigerstraatplaquette03_800pxzuigerstr_ill1_800px