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When speaking about Paul de Vroom architecten the attention has to shift immediately to Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik, because this is the studio in which Paul de Vroom architecten is fused completely with Sputnik architecten.

About Paul de Vroom

Paul de Vroom graduated cum laude as architect from the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands. After having been closely involved in the first 3 years of OMA-Rotterdam, in 1985 he co-founded DKV Architecten. In 2013 he started Paul de Vroom Architecten. Since 1992 Paul de Vroom is a regular guest professor at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. He also gave lectures and design courses at other Dutch Academies and Universities. He is often abroad, invited for lectures or workshops in cities like Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Madrid, Milan, Sofia, Moscow, Dushanbe and Jakarta. Paul de Vroom lives and works in Rotterdam and Barcelona, where he devotes his time to research, design and teaching. He was jury member of various international workshops and competitions, guest editor for the British magazine ‘Time-Based Architecture’ and member of the editorial staff of the Dutch magazine ‘Forum’.

About Paul de Vroom architecten

With this studio Paul de Vroom has embarked on a new course, after being partner of DKV Architects for almost 30 years. Within DKV he has realized a sequence of projects in the fields of housing, urban planning, commercial and public building which have been received with acclaim in their homeland and abroad. The reputation of DKV is especially based on their designs of apartment buildings, housing districts and schools. The studio is known for its realised projects, but also for its analytical way of working based on typological models. At an early stage Paul de Vroom conducted research into changeability and the offering of options within designs and constructions. A series of built projects shows how these theories were successfully put into practice. In a special edition of the magazine Time-Based Architecture International he has united the ideas and the designs of DKV that deal with options and changeability. It is the ambition of Paul de Vroom Architecten to take this research by design to the next level, in close collaboration with like-minded clients.

About Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik  

As the tasks of the contemporary architect become more and more diverse, broader knowledge and specific skills are required of an architect’s studio. Therefore the organization of Studio Paul de Vroom Architecten is geared to change. Since 2014 the studio is completely merged with the Sputnik architecten. Together we form a solid base for design and technical elaboration: Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik. The original agencies both share their preference for typological thinking, for clear, unexpected designs and for refined architectural details. This relationship combined with the compatible talents and experiences of the partners immediately evoked synergy. The series of powerful designs for Amsterdam, Moscow, Rotterdam, the Hague and Semarang are evidence of this.

At the start of a new project Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik carefully examines if any external expertise is needed to achieve the best result. When this need is felt we establish collaboration in advance with the expert required before. We have such a long-lasting experience within the architectural world that the network of experts with whom we work well together is unprecedented. In the Netherlands partners for planning and landscape include Felixx, supporting studios for architecture are: Studio AAAN, Feature Design and Jongebreur. In the field of technology and elaboration, we team up with firms such as Zonneveld, Batenburg Bouwadvies, and Ove Arup. The network for projects in countries like Russia, Spain, France, Denmark and Indonesia is composed of local firms with extensive experience in construction and planning.



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