paul de vroom architecten

Cluster 4 K-50

Novaya Skhodnya, Moscow


The conditions of cluster 4 are different from the other clusters. The positioning and shape of the plot allow for a very high density neighborhood on a slender stretch between the forest and the main road. Consequently the constellation of buildings requires sufficient transparency in order to perceive the forest and an all-sided representation considering the omnipresent visibility from the surroundings. The double-flat-iron-shape addresses to these requirements excellently. The smart constellation of volumes provides maximum daylight to the single apartments and safeguards the views on the forest. The perspective of the iconic ensemble is ever changing whilst perceiving from different places in its surroundings. Special functions are integrated in a plinth which whimsically refers to Dutch ‘halsgevel’ facades.

Paul de Vroom partner in charge DKV architecten


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