The Big Green Egg


At the moment the stage of technical specification of our project for the new Headquarters for the Big Green Egg Company is in its final moment. In accordance with the strategy of our Team: the project has gained quality by its coherent choice of materials and its uncompromising detailing….


Promising news about our reconversion project for the Batik Corporation Indonesia (Gedung Gabungan Koperasi Batik Indonesia or GKBI) in Semarang. The Oen Semarang Foundation (OSF) of which Paul de Vroom is the representative architect has made important progress. For years now Jenny Megaradjasa, the moving spirit behind the OSF,…


Where is the legacy of ‘Opa de Vroom’? The jack-of-all-trades Pieter de Vroom Senior was an architect-contractor in the colonial city of Medan (Sumatra-Indonesia) during the first half of the 20th century, until the 2nd World War. He happened to be my grandfather (opa) and the person that persuaded…


Moscow is covered in snow, but that doesn’t slow down the pace of building in this freezing city. At the moment the construction of the two apartment towers ‘Holland House” is in full swing. The underground parking is already nearing completion and the apartment floors are added at incredible…


Closed Competition for 860 apartments, 1178 m2 of commercial space and parking for 956 cars. Client: PIK-group, Moscow. In collaboration with Sputnik. 2nd Place


The Russian developer PIK Group invited Paul de Vroom architecten to participate in a closed competition for a multifunctional residential complex in Moscow City.


The construction of the Housing project at Kanaleneiland is progressing steadily. The concrete structure of the garage, the Wijk Service Centre (Neighbourhood Facilities Centre) and the townhouses is already standing.


Today the construction of Kanaleneiland Vlek 3’ at Utrecht officially started! The project is very diverse  36 apartmentents, 50 single family houses and the Neighbourhood Service Sentre with a library, neigbourhood bureau and a centre for Youth and Family. The location of the project is next to our recently…


In the last report on the progress of the construction works of the ROC building we promised better pictures quickly. Well, here the are! The building is free from all scaffolding and is now showing the facades in all its glory. Although the ROC still needs a lot of…


On a chilly November afternoon a celebration took place in the Hague. Construction workers gathered in the inner courtyard of the ‘apartment building Zuigerstraat’ whose construction is progressing steadily. The workers were rapidly joined by the others. From the Housing association Staedion, the contractor ABB bouw and our studio…