Promising news about our reconversion project for the Batik Corporation Indonesia (Gedung Gabungan Koperasi Batik Indonesia or GKBI) in Semarang. The Oen Semarang Foundation (OSF) of which Paul de Vroom is the representative architect has made important progress. For years now Jenny Megaradjasa, the moving spirit behind the OSF, is fighting to revive Kota Lama, the beautiful but severely decaying colonial centre of Semarang.

Jenny and Paul de Vroom regard the GKBI as the pilot project for the rebirth of Kota Lama. The last months Jenny has held intensive talks, including with an important party seriously interested in participation. Last year Ganjar Pranowo, Governor of Java Tengah (Central Java), visited the Netherlands in order to strenghten relations. Paul had a change to present the GKBI project to his delegation. Now its time for the Dutch to repay the visit. A large delegation headed by Mark Rutte, who’s family history is intertwined with that of the Dutch Indies, will visit Semarang on November 22. Jenny was called in for assistance. We are sure she will draw the Prime Ministers attention to her cause: the rescue of Kota Lama, and with it to the GKBI-project!

More information about the project: Portfolio GKBI Building