paul de vroom architecten

Art at the studio



Art is one of the fundamental sources for our way of thinking and our state of mind in the studio. In our vocabulary the word ‘art’ refers to all kinds of creative manifestations by the human intellect. We feel there is no real distinction between higher and lower art, only between art that moves, that creates moments of clarity in which uncommon ways of thought open up, and on the other side art that seems to repress these moments because of its insensitivity and the indifference it results in.

In the studio we like to be surrounded by art. The works are by artists that we feel are in some way close to us, This can be because of their individual attitude towards art, the authenticity of the universe they created for themselves, or for any other reason related to the uniqueness of their personality. Among these artists are the persons we worked with in the past or we want to collaborate with in the future. To put it briefly these people form part of the world that we feel affinity with.


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